Macros Made Easy


Jenna Rammell is a home cook who loves sharing her passion for food, family and health on her Instagram, @jennaskitchen. When she’s not blogging she’s running a household with 3 small kids, a hero husband and a whole lot of laundry. Jenna loves to work out, binge watch real housewives and EAT. 

She hopes that this information gives you a new route to try if you’ve been wanting to achieve balance but also hopes that you remember how beautiful and amazing you are. 

Quincey Whimpey is a momma to four darlings and a wife to an even bigger darling! She is a foodie at heart, a workout junkie and a flexible dieter! For the past 2 years she has had the time of her life sharing her experiences on IG as @iheartmacros

Her ambition and passion is to help women be free from the bonds of food and dieting.